Friday 19 April 2013

Bikini Diaries #01 | Swim Favourites


"Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work 
a day in your life" - Confucious

 Growing up I re-call spending all my weekends with my family at the beach, loving the feeling of sunkissed skin, salt in the air and sand in my hair - wearing my favourite bikini at the time.
I fell in love with The Beach.

So it's no surprise that my chosen career was to design swimwear!

The 1st Bikini Diaries post is featuring a few of my favourite swim styles that I designed for Summer '13.

Enjoy this sunshiny day... Much Aloha xx


  1. Beautiful photos and amazing bikinis! I love them all! Are they for sale? I saw this other site Swimsuits of Summer 2013 and bought 2 bikini's this morning but might have to send them back. lol. thanks

  2. Check out Dea Swimwear's new hot collection!!